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We give single Christian women the tools they need from first date to lifelong mate.

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Finding Love After 40


Join our group of women just like you!  Gain godly wisdom through videos, exercises and support to help you prepare for the man and marriage you’ve desired, wished, and prayed for.


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Kimberly Knight

An adult educator, speaker, consultant, and certified business and life coach, Kimberly “Coach Kim” Knight, MS, BCC, is the CEO of New Beginnings Training Center, Inc., the home of The MRS Code®.

After 15 years single-again, she met and married her husband in 8 months. Coach Kim is determined to help other women get married, stay married, and live lives they love.

Her latest book, Unnecessarily Single: Preparing For The Husband You Prayed For is set to be released soon.

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"I love that I am being equipped with practical advice. Not everything is super spiritual. Sometimes we need someone to help us learn how to be approachable and talk to men."


"I believed I was ready for my godly mate but I was not. Time doesn’t make you ready. Actively preparing makes you ready. Thank you for answering the call to help us prepare. "


"I was surprised this process helped me on a journey of self-discovery. I think I was expecting a program that focused more on what to look for in a man versus what to look for in myself. Happily, this program is both. It has helped me be more confident because I know myself so well now."


"I thought being single and satisfied meant to wait until the right man comes along and continue to do the work-church-home cycle. But I decided to actively pursue this desire in a God honoring way that prepares me to be a wife."


"I now understand that all men are not the same. I needed to deal with the hurt from past relationships, heal from them, and move forward. I am now better able to give a man the chance to show who he is rather than make assumptions based on my past brokenness."


"Because I know myself better than before the exercises, I am able to communicate clearly with appropriate vulnerability my dreams, aspirations, expectations, morals, and values."


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