August 2022 Prayer Call and Prayer Points

prayer calls prophetic words Aug 06, 2022


Please continue to pray through these points throughout the month

Thursday is Prayer of Agreement Day. Pray for yourself, your sisters, and Kimberly. 

Next Finding Love After 40 Sister Circle is August 14th. If you would like to visit with us, email [email protected]

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 WLA sisters please DM me if you feel led to be an intercessor for September 10th (tentatively)


Prayer Points

  • Your body, body systems, and organs as well as that of your husband, family, and everyone attached to you
  • Physical healing, health, and wholeness 
  • Repent for anything that you were supposed to do or not do and you did the opposite as well as disobedience
  •  Going for a higher degree of education without debt and with every resource needed to succeed
  • Settled and pursuing your purpose and calling 
  • Being free from people pleasing
  • Season for modern day "Deborahs" to pursue unique things and callings and to get married (especially those who were told they were too deep or had accomplished too much to get married)

It's time to position yourself to find and be found by the quality man you deserve!